Die Versammlung

Opening: Saturday, December 2, 2017

Kevin Aeschbacher, Ali Al-Fatlawi, Muriel Baumgartner, Jürgen Beck, Søren Berner, Elisabetha Bleisch, Tashi Brauen, Ruth Erdt, René Fahrni, Goran Galić, Hans X. Hagen, Seda Hepsev, Alex Herzog, Susanne Hofer, Benny Jaberg, San Keller, Petra Köhle, Sandra Kühne, Georgette Maag, Albert Mauerhofer, Wanda Nay, Alicia Nogueira Leceta, Karim Patwa, Leila Peacock, Jessica Pooch, Ilona Ruegg, Giampaolo Russo, Sämi Scherrer, Astrid Schmid, Pascal Schwaighofer, Veronika Spierenburg, Regula Spörri, Valentina Stieger, Nicolas Vermot-Petit-Outhenin, Latefa Wiersch, Teres Wydler

Die Versammlung (The Assembly) is a joint project of Shedhalle and the artists of the cultural center Rote Fabrik. Its goal is to develop artistic methods and formats beyond the limitations of individual work and the institutional framework of Shedhalle.

The institution–originally an initiative from the Rote Fabrik artists and transformed to an association in 1987–is situated at the heart of the building where the studios, kindergarten, dance studio, printing workshop and wood and metal workshop, Theater Hora as well as Aktionshalle are located. The last collaboration between Shedhalle and its neighboring artists took place in 1999. Since then the conditions on site have changed fundamentally: tenant turnover has increased with contracts limited to five years. Of the fifty people currently working in one of the city-funded studios, only five have been here since the beginning of the transformation of the factory site into the cultural center, Rote Fabrik, in the late seventies. For Shedhalle it is essential to include the artists as well as the other initiatives of Rote Fabrik in its research about today’s position and role of critical art institutions.

Die Versammlung is also an exchange between generations and about working experiences onsite. It is an intense collective debate regarding what it means to be working at Rote Fabrik today, a place where artists ultimately find themselves because of specific cultural and political premises and conditions. How can these chance encounters between different positions and experiences be deployed and artistically transformed? And how can different aspects of individual authorship, of curatorial positions and institutional hierarchies be sounded out and deferred?

In recent weeks the space of Shedhalle became a place of debates in which artistic positions drew nearer and misunderstandings took shape.

The common work was not completed at the time of the opening, but it continued throughout the exhibition, among others on Wednesday nights, within a program of studio visits, concerts and screenings initiated by the participating artists.

14.02., 19 Uhr Performances: &Abscence&Abstinence von Pascal Schwaighofer; VOICING_CHECKLIST, Fork Burke und Alex Herzog; Barbetrieb
Sa, 10.02., 14 Uhr Basketball: Space Jam II, Musik von CEO Müller und American Hot Dogs
07.02., 19 Uhr Audiovisuelle Performance/Expanded Cinema: STILL UND DUNKEL, Benny Jaberg, Christoph Brünggel und Pascal Arnold ; Drum Solo: Die Götter des OlympChris Jaeger und San Keller; Barbetrieb
31.01.,21 Uhr Konzert von NPRBLM, Luzern, Horw/Chicago, Biel/Zürich
24.01., 19 Uhr  Love(d) Songs und Improvisation mit Jessica Pooch und Eva Nievergelt; Spicy Nyomnyum Abendessen von Gasthaus: Fermentation und Bacteria mit Maya Minder; Konzert von Forever BlueSan Keller und Tom Huber
17.01. 19h Filmvorführung: Goran Galic zeigt “Reds” (1981). Regie: Warren Beatty. Mit Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton und Jack Nicholson u.a.
10.01. 21h Konzert: Karim Patwa präsentiert 2Henning, Luzern
03.01. 19h Studio visit: Ruth Erdt
27.12. 21h Konzert: Karim Patwa und Hotcha, Biel präsentieren Virgin Bitch, La Chaux-de-Fonds
20.12. Filmvorführung: Susanne Hofer und Karim Patwa zeigen den Stummfilmklassiker “Nosferatu” auf Super8 mit Live-Vertonung von “The Organ Transplants”
13.12. 19h Filmvorführung: Sämi Scherrer zeigt seinen Film „Etienne“ (1982-2002)
06.12. 19h Studio visit: Alex Herzog


Die Versammlung has been realized in collaboration with the printing workshop of Rote Fabrik.
Shedhalle is supported by funds of the city of Zurich.

Opening hours
Tuesday through Sunday 12pm – 20pm
Monday closed